About Underground Seminary

Underground Seminary is an alternative form of theological education. Our focus is on intensive character formation, a rigorous post-colonial critique of our present systems, and nurturing intimate and sustainable forms of community life – basically, equipping our students to follow Jesus uncompromisingly.

Our mission is first to identify and root out the logic and impulses of empire from our person, and then to make disciples who will respond to the desperation of the present world with passion and compassion, intelligence and resolve. We believe that Jesus modeled a way for all people to live on this earth in peace. Our aim is to train leaders who can generate reconciling community as a hopeful response to imperial dehumanization.


The modern American way of life has proven to be bankrupt. The ideals of individualism, production and consumption that have now been exported globally are destroying the environment, fragmenting local communities, and giving rise to alienated and anxious individuals who function as mere cogs in the global market.

We believe that future Christian leaders must be equipped to swim upstream and call to account the powers and principalities, the multinational corporations and their political lackeys, that are polluting the waters of our commonwealth. Our graduates will be expected to understand the way Wall Street, global economies and geo-politics actually work. And by decolonizing our very minds and bodies, we hope to truly equip our students to live differently, rooting ourselves in history, the land, and an intimate community that gives birth to new and sustainable forms of community life.

The Experience

Students live and train with a small cohort for two years under the guidance of a resident director. Training consists of an ongoing combination of intentional community living, study, work, service, mentoring, worship, and play. Participation in community life is a vital component, as the students’ academic work and personal reflections will be related to the larger experience of discipleship. The ability to offer and receive hospitality with grace will also be an important value. Students will actively engage in the community life of Church of All Nations (CAN), and will also connect with and learn from other communities and organizations.

Upon Graduation

Underground Seminary will offer a non-accredited M.Div. degree based on academic work, group participation, and personal formation. Vocational calling and options for additional training after seminary will be discerned with the students individually as they near graduation. We will commend seminary graduates to our extensive network of local and global relationships, in the church and beyond.