We can’t liberate people from empire if we can’t see it and its devastating effects for what they are.
— Pastor Jin S. Kim, Founder

Our MDiv program is full-time for two years. The school year runs from September-May, with possible summer activities available for those interested. The course of study is divided into three interweaving units aimed at 1) exposing the workings of empire and its effects on people and the earth 2) understanding the bible as a counter-imperial witness 3) healing the uprootedness and dis-ease caused by empire.

Class meets four mornings a week and is taught seminar style, with emphasis placed on personal integration of material. Unit projects are assigned throughout and include everything from sermon writing to stand-up comedy routines, plant identification to family genealogy. Visits to and from local, national, and international friends and communities are also part of each cohort’s learning. Residential students live together in community housing and participate in life, worship, and ministry in the wider Church of All Nations community.