Rearranging our neurons.

Rearranging our neurons.

Dear friends,

Underground Seminary is in its fourth year and going strong! Our readings are cutting edge, the classroom discussions deeply challenging, and our daily life together meaningful. Our students live simply, sustainably, and hospitably, and our leaders continue to volunteer their service in teaching, strategic planning and administration.

We meet four days a week starting with a group devotional at 8:30am, then class discussion, then lunch. We are blessed to live together in the Fink House (seminary residence) and learn at the Church of All Nations building a few houses down.

Would you consider a tax-deductible donation to support our students and to advance the work and impact of our seminary? Would you help raise up a whole new generation of Christian leaders who are not interested in credentials but in ministering to the true needs of the people and transforming the world in Jesus’ spirit?

I can honestly say that there is something profound and beautiful going on here. Please partner with us in remaking the world in God’s beautiful image!


Jin S. Kim, Founder