Prospective Students

Our third cohort will begin in fall of 2018. If interested in exploring this possibility with us, complete the application and we will follow up with a phone conversation to discern God’s will together. If the discernment advances, we will try to arrange a site visit here at Underground Seminary.

Some helpful advice for those interested in becoming a student:

  • Work to have as little debt as possible by enrollment. The cost will be $12,000 per year for a single residential student with room & board in one of our community houses. For a single student without room & board, the cost will be $8,000 per year. For other arrangements, contact us directly. There are some need-based scholarships available. You can either begin saving to meet these expenses or plan to work approximately 20-25 hours per week while a student. Our aim is to have students graduate with no extra debt incurred.
  • Stay tuned for books that we will recommend for pre-reading.
  • Visit Church of All Nations if you live in the Twin Cities area. Consider attending regularly to get to know the seminary leaders and community life ethos.