Meet the Team

Jin S. Kim
Jin S. KimFounder & President
Jin is founding pastor of Church of All Nations in Minneapolis, MN & chief cultural architect of Underground Seminary. He grew up in the deep South after emigrating from Korea with his family at age 7. He went to Georgia Tech, Princeton Seminary, has a DMin from Columbia Seminary, and served as a congregational pastor since 1993. Exasperated by the arduous task of deprogramming seminary grads in CAN’s internship program, Jin thought it’d be better to equip them to be radical disciples from the start. “We’re trained by seminaries to help people cope with empire rather than to prepare them for an alternative way of life that is a counter-imperial witness to our faith in Jesus. I see emerging generations wanting help navigating a dehumanizing society and in building healthy and diverse Christian communities, as a means of reshaping that world through prophetic resistance, engagement and action.” Jin’s household includes his wife Soon Pac and teenagers Claire & Austin.
John Nelson
John NelsonCo-founder & Lead Instructor
John grew up on a farm near Blue Earth, MN. After graduating from Bethel University and Bethel Seminary, he served as coordinator of Internship Program at Church of All Nations (CAN) from 2009-2013, focusing on pastoral training of seminary graduates through intensive “life together.” This experience informs his recently completed MTh thesis at Luther Seminary, where Bonhoeffer’s ecclesiology and Bourdieu’s social theory has helped him rethink ministry in our age of neoliberal globalization. He believes that discipleship is essentially a decolonizing of the body from the reflex of fear to love, and trusts that critical theological reflection coupled with daily life together as a seminary household can make discipleship real. John currently serves as Parish Instructor at CAN and is certified for call by Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area for pastoral ministry. He lives at the Fink House with his wife, Seulgee, and the seminary students.
Laura Newby
Laura NewbyCo-founder & Lead Strategist
Laura is a co-founder of Underground Seminary and essential to its daily functioning. Born in Wisconsin in 1982 she grew up in a Swedish cultural environment. She went to the University of Northwestern (St. Paul) and then taught English for a year in Korea. She has been a member and leader of Church of All Nations since 2006, playing an integral role in shaping the congregation’s multicultural life and ministry as staff. Her desire to understand the underlying forces at work in the world through a post-white theological lens has served as an important impetus in the rationale for a new seminary model. Laura has also served as a critical leader in Church of All Nation’s intentional community housing movement, helping to craft the ethos and spirit of a number of our houses. She is both a leader and member of the seminary’s first cohort.

Our Students

Isaac Sanborn
Isaac considers himself an apprentice of Pastor Jin and serves on Church of All Nations (CAN) staff as youth ministry assistant and church librarian. His interests include everything from Germanic linguistics to axial age religions. He is studious and loves to laugh. He was born in 1991, grew up in the Twin Cities, and graduated from Bethel University in 2013. One of Isaac’s aspirations is to bring healing to white Americans who feel a sense of rootlessness by recovering pre-imperial European rituals and customs.
Jordan Wright
Jordan is a California transplant who has come to love life in MN. She majored in religious studies with a minor in mathematics at Northern Arizona University (class of 2014) and was active in campus ministry. She found Underground Seminary through her internship in youth ministry with former CAN intern Jeremiah Knabe at Christ Pres near San Diego, her home church. Jordan is famous for despising Plato and being a spicy Italian. She loves living at the Fink House and is active in CAN’s youth ministry and cell group.
Steven Forsythe
Steven is from the San Diego area and has been a part of the CAN community since starting college at the University of Minnesota. He graduated in 2014 with a major in psychology. From a young age he felt called to be a pastor, He loves to serve the community and runs the Corner Cafe to help support Underground Seminary’s operations. He is extremely physically active and enjoys running, working out and playing volleyball. He believes that the seminary curriculum is equipping him to create space for healthy community in the midst of the alienation of American empire.