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November 28, 2014

Dear friends,

I’m thrilled to report that Underground Seminary is going better than we could have possibly expected. The readings have been stimulating and eye opening, the classroom discussions deeply challenging, and our daily life together has been nothing but pure joy. Our students are learning to live simply, sustainably, and hospitably, and our leaders continue to volunteer their service in teaching, strategic planning and administration.

Leaders and first student cohort of Underground Seminary (L to R): Jin S. Kim, Laura Newby, Steven Forsythe, Isaac Sunburn, Jordan Wright, John Nelson

Leaders and first student cohort of Underground Seminary (L to R): Jin S. Kim, Laura Newby, Steven Forsythe, Isaac Sanborn, Jordan Wright, John Nelson

The Fink House (our seminary community house) has been renovated to the point that the second floor of 4 bed/2 bath is completely occupied – it is quite lovely. We meet four days a week starting with a group devotional at 8:30am, then class discussion and lunch. The students and other leaders then engage in quiet study at 1:30, then physical work at 3:30, dinner prep and dinner, and free time in the evenings. The students seem comfortable with the schedule, love living together, serve the church faithfully, and have a great spirit always.

As we near the end of the year, would you consider a tax-deductible donation to support our students and to advance the work and impact of our seminary? Let’s partner together in training a whole new generation of Christian leaders who are not interested in credentials but in ministering to the true needs of the people and transforming the world in Jesus’ spirit.

Special thanks to those who have already contributed financially to get us started. I can truly say that there is something profound and beautiful going on here. We consider it a privilege to proclaim the beauty of Jesus’ good news to the world with you, our dear friends!


Jin S. Kim, Founder

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Student Testimonials

Our seminary is intellectually challenging, for sure, but I can’t imagine a truer form of discipleship than living together daily in Christian community, creating healthier relationships with God and neighbor. I am overjoyed to be part of a school where sanity, resilience and transformative learning are cherished over the external expectations of production.
Steven Forsythe, student
In these first three months, I’ve seen how vital it is to unpack Western dualism, and grapple with the isolating inwardness of American individualism, if I am to understand the Bible. What is my relationship to community and to God’s good earth? I see our work at Underground Seminary as essential to my spiritual growth as a follower of Jesus and as an advocate for humanity.
Jordan Wright, student
My education in the past has been about learning to think for myself. Now, at Underground Seminary, I’m learning to think for the sake of the community.
Isaac Sanborn