Course of Study

The period of study is full-time for two years with three eight-month tracks, with each track building on the previous. The three tracks are:

1. UNVEILING: Exploring the Workings of Empire (Sept-Apr)
Material History: Geopolitics, Economics, and Theology

2. REIMAGINING: Reading the Bible as a Counter-Imperial Witness (May-Dec)
Socio-Political Hermeneutics: Empire, Mythology, and the People of God

3. BIRTHING: Healing Roots to Liberate Spirit and Restore Kinship (Jan-Aug)
Transforming Embodiment: Community Building, Hospitality, and Public Witness

A manageable amount of reading is assigned each month, with seminary discussions facilitated by seminary leaders, by other local pastors and occasionally by professors and activists who share our vision – both local and from around the country. Readings and discussions are interdisciplinary in nature, so that students learn to make connections across a wide field. Students also help host occasional evening lectures, discussions and documentary viewings open to anyone in the broader community to share what’s being learned.

Monthly integrative reflections and a larger integrative project will be shared among the whole cohort within each track. The final project is an in-depth engagement with the life and times of a historical figure who serves as an example to the student (e.g., Gandhi, MLK Jr., Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Oscar Romero, Dorothy Day, etc.), narrating their context, analyzing their action, and then articulating how this speaks to the students own life and sense of call. Students present these projects to one another at a final retreat.